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Experience the Harvard Principals' Center Summer Institute

Posted by: RachelAbrahams

February 21, 2012

This summer, AVI CHAI will sponsor up to 15 day school leaders to attend an institute at The Principals’ Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. We encourage school leaders to apply:

Improving Schools: The Art of Leadership (AOL)
June 26 – July 3, 2012

1–5 Years of Leadership Experience
This institute helps you to identify areas of school improvement, establish priorities, develop strategies and build a base of support around a change initiative. You will explore successful models for school improvement, learn how to lead and manage change and understand how to implement curriculum innovation. Through research-based curriculum, you will focus on effective supervision and evaluation, multiple approaches to solving leadership challenges and how to best support teaching and learning in the classroom. Upon completion of the program you will have examined your own leadership challenges in the context of instructional improvement and learned methods to lead and manage your school more effectively.
Please note: To enable and support day school leaders to apply their Harvard learning to their day school contexts, we have added two components to this program:
1) A day of professional development IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the Institute (afternoon of July 2nd through the 3rd) that allows participants to process the overall experience and begin to think about its relevance and application to day schools.
2) Monthly conference calls during the coming academic year that each address a specific topic presented over the summer and discuss practical ways of using those insights or implementing those strategies in one’s own day school.
In order to receive AVI CHAI funding for the Institute, applicants must participate in BOTH these additional components, which will be led by a Harvard group facilitator who is herself an experienced day school principal.
What if I want to apply to Leadership: An Evolving Vision?
In years past, AVI CHAI sponsored participants in two Harvard Principals’ Center Institutes, however, this year one of the institutes begins on a Friday and so we made a decision to raise the number of funded slots in AOL and to not sponsor participants to LEV.
How do I apply?
Click here to access the online application. Incomplete forms will not be considered for AVI CHAI funding. Decisions regarding acceptance to the program by The Principals’ Center and AVI CHAI sponsorship will be sent to applicants by mid-May.
Sponsorship Details:
AVI CHAI sponsorship covers tuition and hotel accommodations (not including parking). Kosher breakfast and lunch are provided throughout the institute. In addition, AVI CHAI will sponsor select kosher dinners during the institute exclusively for day school participants. Additional dinners, or those before or after the times of the Institutes, and travel to and from Harvard, are the responsibility of the applicant.
AVI CHAI Selection Criteria:

  • Educational leaders with significant decision-making responsibilities (typically school heads, principals or vice-principals);
  • Size of school and number of teachers the leader supervises;
  • Number of years at current school, and number of years in current position;
  • Whether members of the school’s current administration have attended a summer institute at HGSE (and when).

Preference is given to Judaic Studies leaders. AVI CHAI will select a group of leaders from diverse schools to enhance the experience. If multiple leaders from a single school apply, each of their applications will be considered on an individual basis.
For questions regarding the application process, contact Clara Hill, The Principals’ Center Enrollment Coordinator at 617-495-1825, or principals@gse.harvard.edu
For questions regarding AVI CHAI funding, contact Nechama Goldberg
Application Deadline: March 23, 2012
Apply Today

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