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Exciting NAJDS Happenings: Online/Blended Learning Expo

Posted by: Deborah Fishman

February 1, 2013

The 2013 North American Day School Conference (NAJDS) is taking DC by storm this Sunday through Tuesday, with over 1,000 registered day school leaders, lay leaders, educators, and field experts. With a theme of “Leading To Learn—Learning To Lead,” the conference will feature several new opportunities, including networking facilitated by Weave the People.
Amidst this excitement, AVI CHAI is pleased to be presenting an Online/Blended Learning Expo. Open to all conference participants, the Expo will provide opportunities for educators to learn from vendors and presenters active in the growing field of online/blended learning. Visitors will explore new modalities of learning and will also learn how to integrate these advances into their own educational settings.
The Expo will be open throughout the conference. Special scheduled programming will include presentations from innovators leading the way in such areas as blended learning, teaching for the 21st century, and the establishment of new blended learning schools. Plus, the Expo will offer demonstrations of online learning materials, a vendor round robin – and a raffle of ten laptop computers to eligible school teams that attend sessions.
Would you like a sneak peak of some of the innovative presentations taking place at the Expo?
“The Power, Promise and Pitfalls of Blended Learning in Jewish Schools” by Hyim Brandes, Executive Director, Online Jewish Academy
Done right, blended learning offers the schools the ability to provide more students a better education, at a lower price, but it’s not without its dangers. We’ll explore what blended learning can and can’t do and how and why it can be implemented to solve real world problems.
“Five Ingredients to a Delicious Blended Learning Smoothie” by Eliezer Jones, Educational Technology Specialist, Institute for University-School Partnership, Yeshiva University (@DrEliezerJones)
It is open to any educator who needs an end of a whirlwind conference early AM pick me up and is interested in, is using or has used blended learning. Each participant will walk away with a better understanding of what blended learning has to offer and what it takes to introduce new ideas into the classroom. Secret ingredients only revealed at session!
“21st Century Learning in the Behrman House Online Learning Center” by Mark Levine, Executive Editor, Behrman House (@behrmanhouse)
Participants will learn to set up a school in the Behrman House Online Learning Center, create classes, invite students to join, and search its extensive Resource Libraries for age appropriate content to post in the online classroom.

 “Power-Up With Digital Badge Learning” by Sarah R. Blattner, Executive Director, Tamritz (@tamritzlearning)

The session will start a conversation about connected learning and its potential to engage and transform the learning experience for students across the curriculum in both General Studies and Jewish Studies. Grounded in recent research about how youth interact with digital media, participants will discover how digital badge learning supports principles of “connected learning,” student engagement, collaboration and new media literacies.
“Blended Learning in Hebrew Teaching” by Guy Levi, Chief of Innovation and Avital Drori, Director of the Overseas Hebrew Studies Unit, Center for Educational Technology (CET)
This session is for anyone involved in Hebrew language instruction in middle or high school – teacher, administrator, board member, or other education professional. You will learn about the new online resources developed for the NETA program by CET, the Center for Educational Technology (Israel’s leading textbooks’ publisher and innovator in educational technology), to make Hebrew learning and teaching more engaging and relevant to today’s students and teachers. The presentation will include a preview of the upcoming new digital NETA-CET book, with its own LMS, a demonstration of the one-of-its-kind Interactive Hebrew Verb System’s Map, online resources for professional development for teachers and more.
See the full schedule here. Attending NAJDS? Check out the Expo in Independence B, next door to the Marketplace.

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