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ScreenshotWe are pleased to announce the launch of AVI CHAI’s newly designed website:, which contains information about our work in North America, Israel and the former Soviet Union.

While we highly encourage you to browse for yourself, allow us to give you a brief tour of the site’s resources and features as they relate to our North American philanthropy:

Information about AVI CHAI programs: In the North American projects section, you can peruse our two areas of focus, Jewish day schools and overnight Jewish summer camps, fields which we believe  instill within the next generation the values, commitments, motivation and skills to lead the Jewish people in the 21st century. Our day school work includes projects in leadership, affordability and sustainability, educational technology and online learning, and teaching and learning. In addition, we support efforts in Israel education and advocacy, capacity-building of core institutions, and research and knowledge-building for the field of Jewish education. In each of these areas, you can not only read about our work and that of our grantees, but also see it through photos and videos as well as through related blog posts and research reports.

AVI CHAI Blog: Our blog features issues important to day schools, summer camps, and their various stakeholders, including issues related to each of AVI CHAI’S core values: Jewish literacy, religious purposefulness, and peoplehood. The blog posts are generally written by AVI CHAI staff and grantees to share best practices, highlight important trends, and generate discussion around big ideas. You can now explore posts according to their listing by North American project categories (see previous paragraph) if you are most interested in new developments in a particular focus area. To make sure you keep updated on happenings and findings in AVI CHAI’s work, you can subscribe to the blog RSS feed.

Knowledge Center: Housed in the AVI CHAI Knowledge Center is a wealth of information that includes research reports about trends in Jewish education in North America and Israel; annual and spend-down reports documenting AVI CHAI’s work; AVI CHAI press releases; and published articles written by AVI CHAI staff. We hope that the Knowledge Center will serve as a helpful resource for better understanding and more knowledgeable decision-making.

About Us: If you would like to know more about the mission and people behind AVI CHAI, our About Us section contains a video message from our chairman Mem Bernstein, staff bios, and contact information.

We hope our new site will be helpful to Jewish educators, administrators, lay leaders, and the wider Jewish educational community. We invite you to spread the word about the AVI CHAI site as a resource, and to contribute to the conversation on our blog by commenting and sharing relevant posts through your networks.