Feb 252015

This post is cross-posted from eJewishPhilanthropy By Micah Lapidus I’m writing this post because I’m something of an anomaly – I’m a rabbi that works at a Jewish day school. Most rabbis, especially Reform and Conservative rabbis, don’t work at Jewish day schools. They work primarily at synagogues – which is great. If they don’t … Read More »

Feb 232015
Now Available: Interim Report on AVI CHAI Blended Learning Initiatives

We are pleased to release “Moving Forward: An Interim Report of Select AVI CHAI Blended Learning Initiatives in Jewish Day Schools,” by Dr. Leslie Siskin. This report charts the progress of day schools involved in some of AVI CHAI’s funded initiatives in blended/online learning, providing a window into the current state of the field. Since … Read More »

Feb 192015

It may not feel like it, but summer is just around the corner. AVI CHAI sponsors several opportunities for the professional development of Jewish day school leaders and teachers. Applications are now open for two such programs. As you think about your summer plans, consider whether either is right for you. Ivriyon: Hebrew Immersion Institute … Read More »

Feb 182015

This post is cross-posted from HaYidion. By Daniel Perla In Field of Dreams, actor Kevin Costner plays an Iowa farmer who builds a baseball field on his land after hearing a mysterious voice which whispers “if you build it, HE will come.” “HE” is a former baseball great who eventually appears on the Iowa ball … Read More »

Feb 102015
OESIS Releases “Learning Innovation Report on US Independent Schools”

The beginning of a new calendar year is often the time for “State of…” reports. President Obama just gave the State of the Union address, and many mayors have delivered “State of the City” speeches as well.  At AVI CHAI, we are preparing to release two “State of the Field” reports looking at the state … Read More »

Jan 302015

This post is cross-posted from The NY Jewish Week By: George Rohr A Jewish day school education was not an option for me when I was growing up in Bogota, Colombia. Having missed out on the experience, I was especially appreciative of the education my children received as day school students in New York. I … Read More »

What’s in it for Me? Selfishness in Philanthropy

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Jan 292015

“There was a wealthy philanthropist who added an extension to a synagogue. It was elegant, functional, beautiful. The philanthropist only had one request before he transferred title to the synagogue. He wanted his name inscribed over the entrance as an everlasting memory. As you might expect, some congregants objected, and the dispute eventually came to … Read More »

Jan 162015

By: Harry Bloom It has been five years since I published the first quantitative study of North American Jewish day school governance practices as part of my doctoral work at the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration (“The Relationship Between Board of Directors Practices and Jewish Day School Financial and Educational Performance Based … Read More »

Jan 122015

This article post is cross-posted from the eJewishPhilanthropy website By Dan Perla Sustainable programs have become the Holy Grail of the foundation world. As a former program officer at The AVI CHAI Foundation, nothing excited me more than the prospect of funding a program which could eventually sustain itself. Unfortunately, I often found the goal … Read More »