Jewish Outreach Goes to Camp Ramah

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May 212015

This post is cross-posted from eJewishPhilathropy By Rabbi Abigail Treu Jewish outreach on college campuses and through synagogues has, over the past two decades, become the norm. We are no longer surprised to hear that freshmen who never self-identified as Jews were invited to a Shabbat dinner on campus, or that synagogues are revamping their … Read More »

How Do You Align Your School’s Board and Professional Leadership?

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May 192015

Dr. Jack Wertheimer, Project Director of “How Schools Enact Their Jewish Missions: 20 Case Studies of Jewish Day Schools,” recently led a webinar about the need for alignment in values and commitments in Jewish day school leadership. The webinar featured: Adina Kanefield, Director of Institutional Advancement at Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital … Read More »

Truth and Peace: Values in Tension

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May 132015
Truth and Peace: Values in Tension

By: Yossi Prager The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty seeks to protect the freedom of religion for people of all faiths. In the past, AVI CHAI funded the Becket Fund to support a fellow to work on cases that would benefit Jewish day schools and other parochial schools.  The following is an invocation given by Yossi … Read More »

May 072015

On Monday, Senior Program Officer Rachel Mohl Abrahams hosted a webinar, “State of the Field of JDS Online/Blended Learning.” The webinar aimed to explore the findings from two recent AVI CHAI research reports: “Online/Blended Learning State of the Field Survey,” a quantitative report by Anne Deeter, and “Moving Forward,” an interim report of select AVI … Read More »

Apr 302015

By: Galli Aizenmann Over the last few years, AVI CHAI has been interested in stimulating the development of online Jewish studies offerings for both middle and high school students at day schools. To that end, we have been funding the work of the Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy (LVJA), an online school dedicated to providing quality … Read More »

Apr 232015

This past Monday, Dr. Jack Wertheimer hosted a webinar entitled: “What story does your school tell about its Jewish purpose?” This topic is one of the important themes of the case study series which Dr. Wertheimer directed, “How Schools Enact Their Jewish Missions,” available here on the AVI CHAI website. Presenting during the webinar were … Read More »

Hearts and Minds on Yom Ha’atzmaut

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Apr 222015
Hearts and Minds on Yom Ha’atzmaut

Today we celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut, the fulfillment of the Zionist dream of an independent Jewish homeland in the Land of Israel. In Jewish day schools across the country, children are experiencing this special day on the Jewish calendar in a variety of modalities — eating Israeli food, participating in school-wide ceremonies, creating arts and crafts … Read More »

Apr 162015

Recently, AVI CHAI has released two research reports on day school online/blended learning, as well as a case studies series on how day schools enact their Jewish missions. So far, we have received positive feedback as to the value of this research and thought leadership to the day school and wider Jewish education fields. We … Read More »

Apr 022015
Pesach and Abraham Lincoln’s 150th Yahrzeit: Reflections on God’s Role in History

This post is cross-posted from eJewishPhilanthropy By Yossi Prager A new exhibit on Abraham Lincoln and the Jews, paired with a beautiful new book by Jonathan Sarna and Benjamin Shapell, has refocused Jewish attention on Abraham Lincoln. The proximity toPesach is appropriate, as both the Jewish Exodus and Civil War are freedom stories. The connection is even deeper, however. Lincoln … Read More »