Jul 282014
Cutting-Edge Consumer Marketing Meets the Middle-Income Tuition Crisis Challenge

This post was cross posted on eJewishPhilanthropy  By Dr. Harry Bloom and Daniel Perla  Is your Jewish day school contemplating middle-income programming? Based on our review of middle-income programs currently in the field, our advice is to design a plan that: Promotes new and retained enrollment Encourages nearly universal submission by middle-income families of household … Read More »

Top 5 Soft and Fuzzy Social Media Lessons

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Jul 252014

Cross posted from the Darim Online blog By: Lisa Colton The most valuable mile marker of an organization’s social media maturity is how they integrate the tools, content and social experience into their organization’s operations and overall strategy.  Technology (of any sort) shouldn’t just be layered on top of status quo operations, and it isn’t … Read More »

Jul 222014

This interview is a continuation of a series featuring leaders who are participating in AVI CHAI-sponsored professional development opportunities this summer. In this interview, Dani Rockoff of the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy in Overland Park, Kansas discusses Matmidim, a track which he directs at his school, offering more rigorous Judaic studies developed by observant teachers. … Read More »

Jul 162014

Last week, 12 experienced Jewish day school leaders attended “Leadership: An Evolving Vision,” a program of The Principals’ Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, with sponsorship from The AVI CHAI Foundation and Crown Family Philanthropies (two schools sent teams of two, with the second sponsored by either the school or a private donor). These … Read More »

Jul 152014
Advancing Online/Blended Learning in Jewish Day Schools

Why is AVI CHAI invested in online and blended learning? How might new educational models in these areas emerge as promising answers to some of the challenges facing the day school field? The AVI CHAI staff working in this area – which includes Rachel Mohl Abrahams, Galli Aizenman, Steve Brown and Eli Kannai – set … Read More »

Jul 072014
Judaic Studies Is a Mindset: Interview with Arye Sufrin

Summer is a great time for day school leaders to take a step back and reflect on their work. In this series, we interview leaders who are participating in AVI CHAI-sponsored professional development opportunities to do just that. This interview was conducted at the “Improving Schools: The Art of Leadership” program at the Principals’ Center … Read More »

Jul 032014

By: Deborah Fishman The Jewish Day School Social Media Academy is designed to help schools integrate social media into efforts in areas such as recruitment, alumni outreach and fundraising. Created in partnership with Darim Online, the program is in a third national cohort comprised of 15 schools. The Academy includes skill-building webinars, one-on-one coaching, peer … Read More »

Jun 302014

Last week, ten Jewish day school leaders were sponsored by AVI CHAI to join the Principals’ Center at Harvard University’s summer institute, “Improving Schools: The Art of Leadership.” This program brings together aspiring school leaders from across the country for a professional development opportunity that will help improve their leadership skills – and, as a … Read More »

Jun 192014
Webinars Now Available: JFN Greenbook on Day School Finance

Are you looking for information on how to invest intelligently in the field of day school finance? You may be interested in the JFN Greenbook, “Jewish Day School Financial Sustainability and Affordability: A Guide for Funders,” by Daniel M. Held, created in partnership with AVI CHAI. In addition to the guide itself, now available is … Read More »