ELI Talks: Inspired Jewish Ideas


ELI Talks are short video talks modeled on the popular TED Talks with the central themes of Jewish literacy; Jewish religious engagement; Jewish peoplehood, with Israel at the center; or any combination of those three, presented in light of their presenter’s own professional work, personal experiences, or Jewish or secular texts. The speakers’ passions result in engaging and inspired talks that teach something new and perhaps counterintuitive and are intended to develop a global discourse amongst Jews worldwide. The AVI CHAI Foundation began producing ELI Talks in 2012 at the North American Jewish Day School Conference. While initiated by the Foundation, ELI Talks are intended to be a product of those who create them, who share them, who converse around them and who are inspired by them.

Watch ELI on Air:

Israel in North American Jewish Day Schools,
with Jack Wertheimer, Alex Pomson, and Lesley Litman.


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