Legacy Heritage Instructional Leadership Institute


The Legacy Heritage Instructional Leadership Institute, formerly known as the Jewish Day School Standards and Benchmarks Project, works with schools from diverse denominations to promote an outcomes-based approach to the study of Tanakh (Bible). The program, established at the Melton Research Center for Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), is grounded in detailed standards and benchmarks for Tanakh study. Judaic studies faculties learn to apply these standards and benchmarks by participating in three instructional leadership institutes and ongoing coaching from specially trained Tanakh educators. These opportunities aid schools in developing curriculum, mentoring faculty, and leading instructionally-focused meetings, as well as implementing an outcomes-based approach that sets clear expectations and enhances student learning.

Seventy-four schools participated from 2005-2015 in ten cohorts.

The Davidson School is now developing a new set of standards and benchmarks, including recommended texts, for the study of Rabbinics in day schools. Leaders from 16 schools were accepted to participate in the creation of this Rabbinics compendium, together with scholars and experts in Rabbinics and in education. The compendium will be developed and written during the 2015/16 school year and will be available in print and online.




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