Specialty Camps Incubator and Accelerator


The Specialty Camps Incubator provides expertise for entrepreneurs as they implement their vision for new nonprofit, Jewish overnight specialty camps. These camps are dedicated to a specific skill or area of interest while introducing and integrating Jewish culture. The Camp Incubator seeks to develop camps to reach demographic groups and geographic regions underserved by existing traditional and specialty Jewish camps, such as science and technology, performing and fine arts, sports and fitness, and environmental and outdoor programming. In 2016, AVI CHAI joined with the Jim Joseph Foundation to fund the creation of six new camps through a third cohort of this program. The camps will open for summer 2018.

AVI CHAI also funded a camp Accelerator program to fast-track the opening of two camps, a new URJ sports camp in southern California and a Ramah camp specializing in ocean activities in northern California, also slated to open in summer 2018. In contrast to the Incubator, the Accelerator model requires applicants to secure local dollars to cover start-up and deficit funding.

Specialty Camps Incubator

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