Taglit-Birthright Israel


In 2004, AVI CHAI announced a $7 million challenge grant to birthright israel (now called “Taglit-Birthright Israel”), a program that provides free educational trips to Israel to thousands of college students and young adults, to compensate for funds that did not materialize from other sources as expected. This extraordinary AVI CHAI grant rescued the program from a temporary financial crisis. In 2005, we joined the birthright partnership on an ongoing basis, on the same terms as other partners. To date, Taglit-Birthright Israel has taken 215,000 participants from around the world to Israel. In 2009, 19,000 North Americans participated in Birthright Israel trips.

In the last two years, the Birthright Israel Foundation has substantially expanded fundraising for the trips and follow-up programming, with the goal of wide base of donor support to sustain the program in the future.  www.birthrightisrael.com

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