Nov 212016
What is Effective Educational Leadership in Jewish Day Schools and How can it be Nurtured and Sustained?

Cross-posted from eJewishPhilanthropy. By Susan Kardos and Ellen Goldring CASJE (the Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education) recently released findings from the first phase of a study conducted by American Institute of Research (AIR). In Leadership in Context: The Conditions for Success of Jewish Day School Leaders, researchers offer valuable insight about specific leadership … Read More »

Connecting Research to Practice

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Jun 302016

By Michael Feuer A dedicated community of scholars, education leaders, and funders is working to build new bridges and roads to connect good research to the problems and challenges of Jewish education. This vision forms the basic rationale for CASJE – the Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education. At the risk of overdoing the … Read More »

Lee Shulman Talks Assessment in eRAVSAK: Video

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Sep 182015

RAVSAK is revamping its newsletter for the new year, and the new format will include a video interview in each monthly installment. The first interview features Dr. Lee Shulman, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and chair of the advisory board of the Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education (CASJE). The video discusses assessment in … Read More »

Nov 242014

What characterizes effective educational leadership in Jewish day schools? Specifically, what characterizes distinctively “Jewish educational leadership” in Jewish day schools? These are the two central questions which will form the core of a new research study of the Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education (CASJE). CASJE is a consortium of researchers, practitioners, and funders … Read More »

Feb 192014

The Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education (CASJE) has announced an exciting new collaboration among practitioners, researchers, and funders of Jewish education. The Consortium will lead efforts to identify key education questions, assist researchers in designing more robust methods, and facilitate work that translates research findings into strengthened practice — in informal and formal … Read More »

From Practice-to-Research-to-Practice

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Aug 082011

From Practice-to-Research-to-Practice: Building the Field by Building an Evidence Base in Jewish Education   Susan M. Kardos It’s an uncontested fact that any strong field has—in addition to strong institutions, skilled and talented people, sufficient resources, and standards of practice—a knowledge base upon which policy and practice decisions are made. Though chronically underfunded, the Jewish … Read More »