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A Great Investment Opportunity – Don’t let it pass you by

Posted by: dfuchs

April 15, 2011

A Great Investment Opportunity – Don’t let it pass you by
I had the pleasure of attending a great event in NYC this past week – NATAN’s The Future of Giving Begins with You. Aside from a full house of young philanthropists, a fun vibe, delicious food, and great music, there was a lot to learn about what it means to give.
Successful fund manager and philanthropist Stanley Druckenmiller was the evening’s guest speaker, and while he spoke a lot about the markets and economic policy, he shared some real wisdom about philanthropy. He said that smart philanthropists should follow the same rules as smart investors since in truth that is what they are. He recommended funding what you know works. Pick niche areas that you are confident in. Do not diversify. The 80-20 rule applies in your giving as much as it does in your investing. 80% to those niche areas of focus and 20% to those things that just come up, i.e., benefit dinners and friend requests.
And, then, a self-proclaimed non-Jew, despite the “Stanley” and “Miller” at the end of his name, he shared his thoughts about the Jewish people. He said when you consider the small percentage of Jews in this world and then you compare that to all of their accomplishments you have to wonder what is it all about? When you think about this “tribe” of people who have established such strong cultures of learning, of entrepreneurship, of risk taking, of philanthropy, and how they have been able to pass it down through the generations, you just have to be attracted to it. As a proud Jew, it was a wonderful thing to hear from someone outside of the “tribe.”
And so, I left the evening’s events wondering what is it that we need to do to connect Mr. Druckenmiller’s two most salient points – if smart investors should invest in things that really work, then how can we get more Jewish funders investing in Jewish? Or, are we going to ignore a tip from one of the world’s savviest investors?
What do you think?
Deena K. Fuchs
Director of Strategic Partnerships

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