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Effective Jewish Educational Leadership: Launching a Conversation

Posted by: Deborah Fishman

March 6, 2012

The AVI CHAI Foundation is sparking a timely conversation for the field of day school education: What does effective leadership look like in a day school? In this issue of RAVSAK’s HaYidion, Program Officer Rabbi Dr. Michael Berger shares a Framework for Effective Jewish Educational Leadership, providing nine distinct areas of day school functions requiring effective leadership.
It is our hope that specifying these capacities will lead to recognition of the contemporary complexities of running day schools. More reasonable expectations for professional leaders may bring more qualified people into the field. Further, due to this complexity, we endorse the current push for distributed leadership, with these nine capacities covered within a day school’s professional leadership team rather than in any one professional. Through gaining an understanding of the specified leadership functions, this team can better delegate and organize themselves. Identifying which areas they have mastered and where further developments would round out their set of capacities could also be helpful in professional development plans and performance evaluation. Lay leaders, too, may find this helpful in ensuring the best possible structure for their schools’ success and in working to support their school professionals.
We hope that this list will be the beginning of a conversation. We are excited for this opportunity to generate productive feedback from practitioners and conversation around whether the list resonates with their experiences:

  • Do you have additional capacities, skills, or functions that you believe are crucial for day school leadership?
  • Do you have suggestions of other ways this list could be helpful for you and your school?

Please read the full article and list at HaYidion, see what your colleagues may have said, and comment with your own ideas and experiences. You may also visit HaYidion to download the document — perfect to bring to your next leadership team or board meeting.

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