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From the TABLETS to Tablets: iTaLAM Think Tank

Posted by: Deborah Fishman

March 12, 2014

TaL AM, the widely used curriculum integrating and aligning Hebrew Language Arts with Judaic Studies, has touched the lives of more than 30,000 students each year in almost 400 schools around the world. Now TaL AM, in partnership with Compedia, is embarking on a new journey to develop iTaLAM, a digital Hebrew and Jewish Heritage curriculum, with funding from The AVI CHAI Foundation and Gruss Life Monument Funds.
But iTaLAM will not be created in a vacuum. Just as was done to bring the original TaL AM curriculum to life 15 years ago, TaL AM is convening Jewish educators and thought leaders in several Think Tanks. These Think Tanks are designed to develop an understanding of the overall context in which iTaLAM will exist, including possible directions and methodologies that could be taken into consideration. The hope is that, through crystalizing a picture of the trends and opportunities provided in 21st century Jewish and general education, technology and society, iTaLAM will be better positioned to synthesize this knowledge and create a new curriculum – in so doing upgrading the teaching and learning of Hebrew and Heritage Curriculum.
At the recent iTaLAM Think Tank in New Jersey, over 50 educators and leaders convened to discuss such essential questions as: How should a curriculum be designed in the Internet age? How does technology impact literacy and language development, and how is it influenced by them? What are the trends in Judaism in the 21st century? What contributes to, what detracts from, and what is interesting about the design and use of digital books and games? What are the implications of all of these areas of theory and practice for the development of iTaLAM?
You can follow along with the discussions, people, and ideas that are contributing to iTaLAM’s creation on the newly launched iTaLAM Blog:

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