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Prizmah Conference: Sessions of Interest

Posted by: Deborah Fishman

March 5, 2019

We are very excited for the Prizmah Conference, taking place in Atlanta on March 10-12. We encourage you to join us at the following sessions showcasing AVI CHAI grantees and their work.
Sunday, March 10
2:45-5:45, Int’l Salon 4
Big Jewish Questions on Our Minds
Ray Levi (DSLTI), Benjamin Mann (Solomon Schechter of Manhattan), Lianne Heller (Sulam), Ari Leubitz (Atlanta Jewish Academy), Harry Pell (Solomon Schechter of Westchester), Andrea Cheatham Kasper (Solomon Schechter of Greater Hartford)
2:45-4, Int’l Salon A
Lightning Round: Six Mind-Blowing Presentations in One Session!
​Tatyana Dvorkin (DigitalJLearning), Elysa Blumenthal (Ramaz), Avi Bossewitch (RASG Hebrew Academy), Jodi Bruce (Lehrman Day School), Craig Carpentieri (Scheck Hillel), Mindy Gold (EdtechMMG), Barry Kislowicz (Herzog Global)
2:45-4, Int’l Salon 9
Existing and Potential Government Funding for Day Schools 
Maury Litwack (Teach Coalition)
3:15-4, DreamLab: JSTEAM Lab
Interdisciplinary Game Design and Project Based Learning
Carina Rock, Anat Goodman (Jewish Interactive)
​4-5:45, Int’l Salon 7
Making Evidence-Informed Educational Decisions
Susan Kardos (AVI CHAI), Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Mitchel Malkus (CASJE)
4:30-5:45, DreamLab – Hebrew Language Lab
Why Hebrew? Which Hebrew?
Esty Gross (NETA-CET)
4:30-5:45, M103
Designing Jewish Learning Environments for Early Childhood Classrooms
Carol Green (Netivot HaTorah Day School), Laura Weisblatt (Luria Academy),
Sheryl Katzman (Legacy Heritage Instructional Leadership Institute)
5:15-5:45, DreamLab: JSTEAM Lab
Game Design for JSTEAM
Carina Rock (Jewish Interactive)
5:15-5:45, DreamLab: JSTEAM Lab
Using Technology to Enhance Human Interaction
Chana Kanzen (Jewish Interactive)
Monday, March 11
9-9:30, DreamLab: JSTEAM Lab
Game Design for JSTEAM
Carina Rock, Anat Goodman, Sammy Morhaim (Jewish Interactive)
9-10:15, M102
​YOULead: Hiring, Placement, and Talent Design
Maccabee Avishur, Shelly Sadon (Prizmah)
9-10:15, Int’l Salon 2
Imagining a More Soulful Faculty
Aryeh Ben David, Michal Fox Smart (Ayeka)
9-10:15, M105
Infusing Israel into Day School Life: A Holistic Approach
Lesley Litman, Jan Darsa, Dvora Goodman (iCenter/iNfuse)
9-10:15, Int’l Salon 10
Assessing the Dream of Hebrew Education, Part 1
Scott Goldberg (MaDYK), Kyle Ennis (Avant Assessment), Liat Kadosh, Tal Gale (Hebrew at the Center)
10:45-12, Int’l Salon 10
Assessing the Dream of Hebrew Education, Part 2
Scott Goldberg (MaDYK), Kyle Ennis (Avant Assessment), Liat Kadosh, Tal Gale (Hebrew at the Center)
10:45-12, M105
What Makes for a Great Jewish Day School?
Jack Wertheimer, Alex Pomson (AVI CHAI case studies)
10:45-12, Int’l Salon 7
Connecting Academic Excellence and Menschlichkeit
Allison Cook, Orit Kent (Pedagogy of Partnership)
10:45-12, M101
A View From the Top: How Can We Recruit and Retain Quality Judaic Studies Teachers
​Aviva Golbert (Pardes Institute), Fayge Safran (JNTP), Sharon Feiman-Nemser (Mandel Center), Deena Rabinovich (Legacy Heritage Jewish Educators Project), Melanie Eisen (Prizmah), Tania Schweig (Oakland Hebrew Day School), Elana Rand, Suzanne Brooks (Azrieli Graduate School)
10:45-12, M107
Reimagining Tefilah Education in Your School
Susan Wall (Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies)
10:45-12, Int’l Salon 3
The Role of Community Partnerships in Sustaining Educational Innovation
Nina Bruder (JNTP), Valerie Mitrani (CAJE-Miami), Julie Gordon (REACH
​Chicago), Jeffrey Liberty (BetterLesson), Amy Amiel (Samis Foundation)​
10-45-12, Int’l Salon 4
Financial Planning 3.0: High Value Propositions with Affordability
​Harry Bloom (Measuring Success)
Tuesday, March 12
10:30-11, DreamLab: JSTEAM Lab
Game Design for JSTEAM
Carina Rock, Anat Goodman, Sammy Morhaim (Jewish Interactive)
10:30-11:45, Int’l Salon 10
Classroom Practices to Promote Personalization of Learning
Rachel Mohl Abrahams (AVI CHAI), Uriel Lubetski (HALB), Craig Carpentieri, Nancy Penchev, Monica Wagenberg (Scheck Hillel)
10:30-11:45, Int’l Salon A
Building Relationships Between Schools in Israel and Abroad
Lisa Micley (OJSC), Reut Noyman (Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism), Yael Katz, Merav Shany (JAFI)
12:15-1:30, M101
Two Pathways to Schoolwide Personalization
Rachel Mohl Abrahams (AVI CHAI), Yehuda Chanales (Fuchs Mizrahi School), Gil S. Perl (Kohelet Yeshiva
12:15-1:30, Int’l Salon 8
Identity Development and Connection to Israel: A New Approach
Dina Rabhan, Noam Weissman (Jerusalem U), Aaron Bregman (Charles E. Smith)
12:15-1:30, DreamLab: Hebrew Language Lab
Using Data to Improve Learning
Liat Penso, Shoshi Becker (iTaL AM)

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