AVI CHAI concluded its general grant making on December 31, 2019.

AVI CHAI's Legacy

Catalyzing Independent School 21st Century Conversations

Address to the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland – Yossi Prager

Keeping Pace – Excerpt on Private Schools

Different Faiths, Common Challenge: Day School Affordability

Challenges in Jewish Identity Development: On Stimulating Discussions & Experimentation – Address by Yossi Prager at the 2013 NAJDS Conference

Network Weavers – How to Weave Together Jewish Communal Life

It’s the Student

A First Look at Online and Blended Learning in Jewish Day Schools

The Nadiv Story – Unfolding

Attending the Crisis of Leadership

Effective Jewish Educational Leadership Framework

Peoplehood Challenge: Teach Your Children Well

Spending Down in the 21st Century – Memo by Sarah Kass

Jewish Day School Social Media Report

Giving Priority to the Jewish People

Why Study Young Jewish Leaders: An Introduction

AVI CHAI’s Next (and last) Ten Years

America and the Jews: Different or the Same

Day School Education after the Economic Storm

The Future of Education

Susan Kardos’ response to Lee Shulman’s keynote address“Where Novelty & Routine Collide”

Failing to Succeed: Two Case Studies

The Value, and Values, of Jewish Education

Affluenza and its Complications

Keep the Faith Alive

Evaluation and Accountability

Jewish Day Schools Need Standards, Too

Jewish Educators: Broadening the Pool

Jewish Investment Portfolio

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