Sep 202018
A Letter from Rabbi Fred Elias: Grateful that Thorns Have Roses

AVI CHAI invests heavily in developing day school leaders, to strengthen their ability to improve the experience of their students. Sometimes that work happens outside the normal school framework, as the case of our guest blogger, Rabbi Fred Elias, middle school principal and school rabbi at the Solomon Schechter of Bergen County, shows. In a

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Sep 172018

This article is cross-posted in eJewishPhilanthropy. By Michael S. Berger and Leah N. Meir For many Jews around the world, the past week has been intense. Rosh Hashana ushered in a period of self-evaluation and, hopefully, triggered an impulse to improve. In just a day or two, Yom Kippur, with its solemn intensity, will set the stage for

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Rosh HaShana, Back-to-School, and Teacher Super Powers

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Sep 062018

As the heat of summer loosens its sticky grip, we naturally turn toward two major events on the calendar: Rosh HaShana and the opening of school. My favorite time of the year. Rosh HaShana is a time, first, for reflection. In our tradition, this day is Yom ha-din, a day of thoughtful review and evaluation.

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Back to School: A Path to Sustainability

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Aug 272018
Back to School: A Path to Sustainability

Cross-posted here on The Lehrhaus By Chavie Kahn September is nearly upon us. As the school year begins anew, the “tuition crisis” is front and center. Shabbat table talk is dominated once again by exasperated adults bemoaning the economic burden of day school tuition. Over the course of those conversation, some may refer to the

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Aug 232018

This piece is cross-posted from eJewishPhilanthropy. By Deena Fuchs At a recent gathering, conversation turned to AVI CHAI’s impending spend-down at the close of 2019. A number of colleagues expressed interest in hearing more about the spend-down and its implications. I was actually surprised by the request for more information. Since announcing the spend-down more

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Aug 222018

By: Dan Perla and Maccabee Avishur Back in the fall of 2011, we published a short piece on the issue of parsonage and whether female Judaic studies teachers could treat part of their income as non-taxable parsonage (original article below and here). We noted a trend in which more and more Orthodox day schools had explored

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Aug 142018
Differentiated Instruction in the Digital Classroom

Morah Ziva* has her students working in the iTaLAM digital environment for three periods per week. She feels that—unlike during traditional instruction, when she is aware of everything that happens in class—she doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing. So how can she monitor the students’ learning in this digital environment? Morah Ziva’s sentiment and question

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Aug 072018
What Might It Look Like for Israel to Be Fully Integrated Into School Life?

By: Lesley Litman As school leaders and teachers prepare for the new year, many are in the midst of busy planning, of examining their current systems and processes, and of asking big questions. In fact, this is an opportune time for all of us in the field of Jewish education and Israel education to ask

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Ayeka: Creating Soulful Communities

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Jul 262018

The AVI CHAI Foundation has been pleased to partner with the Kohelet and Mayberg Foundations during the last year to fund the Ayeka Soulful Education Program in Jewish Day Schools. Ayeka asks: How can the learning of Jewish knowledge become more than the acquisition of content and information but also affect students’ hearts, souls, and

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