21st Century Communication

May 232019

Cross-posted on eJewishPhilanthropy By Deena Fuchs “What is it that you wish we would have done differently over the last 20-plus years of our grantmaking?” That’s what I asked a few of my AVI CHAI colleagues earlier this week. There were a number of different responses, many of which would make for other interesting articles.

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Top 5 Soft and Fuzzy Social Media Lessons

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Jul 252014

Cross posted from the Darim Online blog By: Lisa Colton The most valuable mile marker of an organization’s social media maturity is how they integrate the tools, content and social experience into their organization’s operations and overall strategy.  Technology (of any sort) shouldn’t just be layered on top of status quo operations, and it isn’t

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Jul 032014

By: Deborah Fishman The Jewish Day School Social Media Academy is designed to help schools integrate social media into efforts in areas such as recruitment, alumni outreach and fundraising. Created in partnership with Darim Online, the program is in a third national cohort comprised of 15 schools. The Academy includes skill-building webinars, one-on-one coaching, peer

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Feb 122014

By: Lisa Colton Enhancing your social media and video use can be hard and sometimes daunting work. But never fear: if you are curious about how to up your online presence across platforms, you can now access the collective resources and learnings from The Jewish Day School Social Media Academy and Jewish Day School Video

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Weaving on Facebook: The Launch of LeV TaL AM

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Oct 232013

This post continues the conversation about lessons learned from HaReshet, the recently concluded pilot program to train selected grantees in network-weaving. This post is by one participant, Lisa Micley of TaL AM Hebrew and Heritage Curriculum, coached during the program by chevruta partner Lisa Colton. She shares here her perspective and experiences through her network-weaving work.   By: Lisa Micley As a

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Sep 242013

By: Deborah Fishman Increasing buzz around networks and their power to influence people, draw out passion and excitement, and spread ideas has left numerous Jewish organizations wondering: What bearing do these concepts have for us? And if this is relevant – what should we do? In the recently concluded network-weaver training pilot HaReshet, I worked

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Jul 292013

Applications are currently open for the 2013-14 cohort of the Jewish Day School Social Media Academy! The Academy is designed to help Jewish Day Schools advance their strategic use of social media in areas such as communication, marketing, community building, alumni relations and development. The below post shares insights from the experience of Jewish Community

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Jun 242013

By Lisa Colton, Chief Learning Officer, See3 Communications, and Academy Tour Guide Over the past nine months, 20 day schools from around the country have been immersed in an intensive Academy to catapult their social media work – and strategic goals of their schools – forward.  The Academy combines training, coaching, project-based learning and peer

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Network-Weaving: Why You Should Take That Risk

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Jun 102013

This article is cross-posted from eJewishPhilanthropy. buy generic xenical by Deborah Fishman In Hayim Herring’s recent article on network-weaving, he suggests organizations take a close look at their mission and governance so as to mitigate the risk that network-weaving will not be successful. I certainly agree that a clear articulation of an organization’s cause can inspire

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