Capacity Building

Apr 042019

Cross-posted on eJewishPhilanthropy By Yossi Prager More than ten years ago, AVI CHAI received a report from Professor Joel Fleishman recommending best practices for spend-down foundations. One recommendation was that AVI CHAI invests ambitiously in building the organizational strength of our key grantees, including helping them plan for long-term financial sustainability. We took the advice and incorporated

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Remarks by Mem Bernstein at JFN 2019

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Mar 202019

Cross-posted at By: Mem Bernstein Thank you, Andres. It is truly an honor to be here. I want to thank the JFN staff and leadership past and present. Your optimism, your creativity and your guidance has inspired and enriched us all. Speaking to you here in San Francisco as AVI CHAI approaches the end

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Remarks by Yossi Prager at Prizmah 2019 Conference

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Mar 142019

Thank you, Paul, and our dear friends who have toasted us, for the beautiful and heartwarming words. I am flooded with warm memories, and I will cherish this event for a long time. I would be speechless, but fortunately I prepared a speech in advance! In fact, I prepared two speeches. First, I was going

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Prizmah Conference: Sessions of Interest

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Mar 052019

We are very excited for the Prizmah Conference, taking place in Atlanta on March 10-12. We encourage you to join us at the following sessions showcasing AVI CHAI grantees and their work. Sunday, March 10 2:45-5:45, Int’l Salon 4 Big Jewish Questions on Our Minds Ray Levi (DSLTI), Benjamin Mann (Solomon Schechter of Manhattan), Lianne Heller (Sulam),

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Feb 212019

By: Susan Kardos Cross-posted from eJewishPhilanthropy. [As The AVI CHAI Foundation prepares to sunset, a year-long series from their staff about philanthropic lessons learned.] About ten years ago we, at The AVI CHAI Foundation, set out to determine our spend-down strategy for our Jewish day school work, which we have been documenting and sharing here. Our intention was to

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Sep 172018

This article is cross-posted in eJewishPhilanthropy. By Michael S. Berger and Leah N. Meir For many Jews around the world, the past week has been intense. Rosh Hashana ushered in a period of self-evaluation and, hopefully, triggered an impulse to improve. In just a day or two, Yom Kippur, with its solemn intensity, will set the stage for

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Aug 232018

This piece is cross-posted from eJewishPhilanthropy. By Deena Fuchs At a recent gathering, conversation turned to AVI CHAI’s impending spend-down at the close of 2019. A number of colleagues expressed interest in hearing more about the spend-down and its implications. I was actually surprised by the request for more information. Since announcing the spend-down more

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Supporting “Field-Building” Organizations

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May 212014

This post is cross-posted here on eJewishPhilanthropy. For the overall welfare of our community, we believe Jewish funders – local, regional, national – should find ways to support national field-building organizations as well as local providers. ***** More on National-Local Collaboration: Supporting “Field-Building” Organizations by Shari L Edelstein, Marcella Kanfer Rolnick and Yossi Prager Conversations

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Sparks of Engagement

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Dec 032013

This post continues our Chanukah series exploring the idea that: “Jews stand for light in the darkness, and every Jew can rekindle the flame of another.” We are pleased to feature a range of respondents discussing how this concept “illuminates” their perspectives and work. Visit here to read the introduction to this series – and

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