Day School Teaching and Learning

Jan 162019

Are you looking for what’s trending in Jewish day school thought leadership? Look no further than eJewishPhilanthropy, where day school leaders have contributed many inspiring articles of late. We recommend you add the following to your reading list. “Unlocking the Potential of Jewish Day Schools” by Paul Bernstein Paul Bernstein, CEO of Prizmah: Center for

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New Year’s Intentions

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Jan 082019

Tefilah (prayer) and tefilah education are central to a Jewish day school education. At the same time, it is a challenge to transmit the skills and the spiritual underpinning for tefilah to students as they move through different stages of intellectual and emotional development. To help meet this challenge, AVI CHAI funds The Pardes Institute’s

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Nov 292018

By: Leah Nadich Meir What are your Hanukkah lighting preferences?  Beeswax candles? Blue and white? Multicolor? Or do you go with olive oil in glass containers? Regardless of your aesthetic preference, you always start off with one candle, lit by one Shamash. Then you add a candle (or olive oil container) each night, again lit

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Thanksgiving – The Power of Noticing

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Nov 192018

Cross-posted from eJewishPhilanthropy By Michael Berger For those in school, holidays set the rhythm of the year, from the programming and study in the weeks before to the actual vacation days off. Living as they do according to two calendars, Jewish day schools jump between Jewish and secular holidays, seamlessly enacting the dual identity of

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Rosh HaShana, Back-to-School, and Teacher Super Powers

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Sep 062018

By: Dr. Susan Kardos As the heat of summer loosens its sticky grip, we naturally turn toward two major events on the calendar: Rosh HaShana and the opening of school. My favorite time of the year. Rosh HaShana is a time, first, for reflection. In our tradition, this day is Yom ha-din, a day of

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Aug 072018

By: Lesley Litman As school leaders and teachers prepare for the new year, many are in the midst of busy planning, of examining their current systems and processes, and of asking big questions. In fact, this is an opportune time for all of us in the field of Jewish education and Israel education to ask

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Ayeka: Creating Soulful Communities

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Jul 262018

The AVI CHAI Foundation has been pleased to partner with the Kohelet and Mayberg Foundations during the last year to fund the Ayeka Soulful Education Program in Jewish Day Schools. Ayeka asks: How can the learning of Jewish knowledge become more than the acquisition of content and information but also affect students’ hearts, souls, and

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May 312018

As a foundation supporting Jewish day schools and overnight camps, AVI CHAI has always been eager to see the maximum number of participants enroll in our various professional development programs. “Filling the cohort” would obviously benefit a large number of institutions, thus increasing the impact of our philanthropy among Jewish youth. But cohort-based learning is

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May 142018

By: Dr. Susan Kardos In a recent eJP post, Dr. Erica Brown gracefully laid out an 18-point agenda for Jewish education.  Among the important ideas she put forth was the idea that “We need more great teachers. And we need to celebrate the ones we have.” The research is unequivocal: teachers and teaching matter most. 

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