AVI CHAI concluded its general grant making on December 31, 2019.

North America Projects

The AVI CHAI Foundation in North America seeks to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people through what we affectionately term LRP:

  1. Fostering high levels of Jewish Literacy,
  2. Deepening Religious Purposefulness,
  3. Promoting advocacy for Jewish Peoplehood and Israel.

We believe Jewish commitment – the Foundation’s key mission in North America – depends on these elements, because Judaism derives from a core set of texts and lives in ongoing dialogue with those texts (literacy); because Judaism is lived and experienced in daily practice and interactions guided by those texts (religious purposefulness); and because in the 21st century Jews throughout the world should feel connected as one people with, and feel a responsibility to, our national homeland in the modern State of Israel.

AVI CHAI’s goal in North America over our remaining sunset year is to advance and sustain LRP education in Jewish day schools and summer camps for the purpose of creating the foundation for an energizing nucleus of youth with the values, commitments, motivation and skills to lead the Jewish People intellectually, spiritually, communally, and politically in the 21st century.

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