AVI CHAI concluded its general grant making on December 31, 2019.

Day School Blended / Personalized Learning

Personalized learning seeks to increase student learning and enthusiasm by tailoring the instructional environment – what, when, how and where students learn – to address the individual needs, skills and interests of each student. Students are encouraged and supported to take ownership of their own learning, while also developing deep connections with one another, their teachers and other adults. The use of technology alongside face-to-face instruction, otherwise known as blended learning, is a powerful tool for personalized learning. Our work is shaped by our understanding that personalized learning is the goal, while blended learning is the means.

AVI CHAI’s work in blended/personalized learning seeks to improve the quality of Jewish day school education by increasing individualized data-based instruction and enabling students to develop skills and ways of thinking needed in the 21st century as well as to bring down the cost of education. Our four-pronged approach works to:
1) Provide teacher-focused professional development to support the adoption of blended/personalized learning;
2) Nurture schools that are implementing blended learning, serving as proof points and a disruptive force to influence other schools;
3) Build the sustainability of Judaic studies offerings online; and
4) Strengthen the field of blended/personalized learning including research and advocacy, with a particular focus on building support among communities and funders.

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