AVI CHAI concluded its general grant making on December 31, 2019.

Day School Teaching and Learning

Jewish literacy opens the doors to the sacred texts and values of our tradition. Judaism’s uniqueness and great strength are embedded in the accumulated wisdom within all our texts: Biblical and Rabbinic, medieval and modern, legal and narrative, historical and literary. AVI CHAI seeks to deepen the relationship between Jewish children and their own Judaism by promoting Jewish literacy in day schools. Recognizing that student learning is directly related to the pedagogic skill and content knowledge of the educator, AVI CHAI sponsors programs that provide both engaging curricular material and professional development. Additional programs focus on the recruitment, training and mentoring of new teachers.

In addition, the Foundation believes that Hebrew language skills are essential to becoming a fully literate Jew able to read and appreciate our texts in their original form. AVI CHAI-supported programs provide students with carefully developed, sequential Hebrew language curricula, and educators with the professional development necessary to build and hone their teaching skills.

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