AVI CHAI concluded its general grant making on December 31, 2019.


BetterLesson, a private company, offers personalized professional development for educators to work with coaches to explore blended learning strategies. The “PersonalizedPD” is centered around a design studio—a two-day, in-person professional learning experience. Teachers first articulate their vision for student success and the areas of significant student need that they hope to address through these strategies. At the design studio, participants also work closely with coaches to craft high-quality blended learning lessons and develop concrete plans for implementing the lessons. After teachers complete the studio, they are assigned a personal coach who provides continuous, personalized learning. Over the course of the school year, coaches conduct virtual one-on-one meetings with their teachers on a biweekly basis. Using data to evaluate and reflect on their implementation, teachers work with their coaches to make real-time changes based on emerging student needs. Through an app, they generate a portfolio of their growth as teachers and their students’ growth over the course of the school year.
Following a pilot program for 43 day school teachers from 15 schools in spring 2016, the BetterLesson PersonalizedPD supported by The AVI CHAI Foundation expanded to a year-long program (2016-17), in which 126 teachers from 32 schools participated. In 2017-18, 286 day school teachers received coaching through the program: 214 teachers from 28 schools for the first time, and 72 for the second year. In 2018-19, 183 teachers (79 second-year) enrolled in the national program. The AVI CHAI Foundation also supports coaching for instructional coaches and administrators who are growing personalized learning in their schools. Additionally, BetterLesson is running four regional programs: in Miami, Boston, Seattle and Toronto with local design studios.
BetterLesson coaching opportunities with AVI CHAI

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