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Board Fitness

Board Fitness, a program of Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools, supports Jewish day school lay leadership through a customized board self-assessment tool and follow-up coaching.  Successful board development starts from a place of understanding a board’s strengths and challenges. Assessing performance is the most effective way to lay the foundation to help board members understand their duties and implement good governance practices.
To develop and bring Board Fitness to the field, Prizmah partnered with BoardSource, the most recognized name in nonprofit governance expertise. Its customized packages for Day School’s feature a Board Self-Assessment tool (BSA), that: lays the foundation for setting board development priorities; motivates board members, individually and collectively, to strengthen the board’s governance practices; establishes a common understanding of board roles and responsibilities; measures a board’s performance based on recognized roles and responsibilities; and serves as a starting point for transformative change.
Board Fitness launched in August 2017 and over 50 schools have taken the customized self-assessment, and chosen different coaching packages, from online sessions to on-site board retreats, to help improve their governance.


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