AVI CHAI concluded its general grant making on December 31, 2019.

Orthodox Union (OU)

Among its diverse offerings, the Orthodox Union (OU) has helped to make the case for increased support to Jewish day schools from government programs. Recognizing the importance of government funding to day school affordability and sustainability, AVI CHAI has joined in supporting the OU. The OU Advocacy Center’s advocacy, alongside other groups, has led to impressive results that have benefited the Jewish day school system. For instance, in New York, unprecedented statewide security funding began at $5 million (approximately $9.70 per child) and is in 2019 $15 million (approximately $31 per child). Working with coalition partners in a five-year process, OU Advocacy’s Teach NYS project helped to pass the Smart Schools Bond Act allocation, which will bring $45.8 million in technology funds to New York City nonpublic schools, including almost $20 million going to yeshivas and day schools. New York is also the first state to begin to partially reimburse yeshivas, day schools and nonprofits for the cost of their STEM teachers. Started in 2017 with advocacy spearheaded by Teach NYS, the program began with an initial allocation of $5 million. The first year of this funding benefited over 100 yeshivas and day schools. The program in 2019 is budgeted at $30 million.

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