AVI CHAI concluded its general grant making on December 31, 2019.

Publication of Books on Jewish Themes in the Russian Language: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and an Illustrated Jewish Book Series for Children and Families

Literature can serve as a powerful mechanism for reaching a wide and diverse audience of unaffiliated Russian-speaking Jews in the FSU and around the world. Yet there has been a dearth of Jewish literature available in the Russian language. Since June 2005, AVI CHAI launched three different series (with a fourth on the way) on Jewish themes meant for wide audiences who love to read but may know little, if anything, about Jewish life and culture.
Each of the book series, proposed by local and international committees composed of Russian-speaking literary personalities, publishers, Jewish educators and activists, include works which would resonate with unaffiliated Russian readers: fiction, non-fiction, and an illustrated series of books on Jewish themes for children. In addition, as AVI CHAI’s other initiates for this audience – Booknik, Eshkol, and Eshkolot – gain growing audiences, many of the books are highlighted, reviewed, and discussed as part of a programmatic element of this initiative.
Published by two Moscow-based publishing houses with well-oiled systems of distribution and with an international promotion campaign in place for the series, the books are sold in large bookstores in the FSU, Israel, Germany, and the United States as well as made available to Jewish community centers and organizations.
In the coming year, a new series focusing on Jewish and Israeli History will be launched and each series will continue to expand both in terms of titles as well as in republishing books that have been completely sold-out. Online rights are sought wherever possible, with books posted in a special section on Booknik.ru.
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