AVI CHAI concluded its general grant making on December 31, 2019.

Young Judaea Gap Year Specialty Program for Camp Counselors

Young Judaea’s “Year Course” is a college-accredited, gap year program in Israel. Within this program, Young Judaea offers a special track for camp staff that trains them to become more effective counselors and develops their skills in experiential Jewish educational programming. Young Judaea and some other movement camp directors also can nominate counselors-in-training to participate in the special track. In addition to the engaging, comprehensive training, counselors receive a $4,000 reduction in the cost of Year Course, and must commit to work at camp for at least two more summers after the program. Sponsoring camps also provide an additional $1,000 to the participants for each summer the counselor returns to camp afterwards. 38 have participated in two cohorts.

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