Mar 262019
Remarks by Joel Einleger at Ramah Leadership Convening

It’s wonderful to be here.  I’ve met some of the people in the room over the years, especially the directors, and had the pleasure of visiting almost every Ramah.  I’m delighted to tell you why AVI CHAI was an enthusiastic supporter of the Ramah movement, but I’d first like to tell you a little about

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Oct 312013
Overnight Camping at AVI CHAI: Deepening Connections to Judaism at Camp

By: Joel Einleger Overnight summer camps offer a goldmine of opportunities for building and deepening connections to Judaism and Israel. Camps are fully-contained and controlled laboratories for experiential education. In this unique environment, campers and staff can participate in new Jewish rituals and customs, meet Israelis who work as staff, and can explore their Jewish

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