Mar 112019
Prizmah Conference: Dare to Dream

The Prizmah Conference is taking place March 10-12 in Atlanta, GA. It brings together Jewish day school leaders, lay leaders, and communal professionals from across the North American day school landscape to learn from one another and be inspired to dream together. The first day’s full-conference experiences included an opening by George Couros on the

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Partners in Learning: Investing in Lay Leadership

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Jun 272018

In our complex society, with its many varied and specialized occupations, we have come to expect ongoing professional development in a host of fields: medicine, law, accounting, and almost anyone who needs a license to practice. This makes good sense; any field where the stakes are high, and both subject matter and/or technique are constantly

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Jan 092018
Developing and Strengthening Jewish Day School Leadership

For decades, studies have shown the critical role educational leaders play in the instruction and learning going on in their schools.  In both public and private education, leaders establish the culture that promotes every aspect of the learning enterprise: learning goals and curriculum, student engagement and achievement, teacher development and supervision, and ongoing learning and

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Nov 032015

This post is cross-posted from eJewishPhilanthropy Being a Head of School can be a challenging and strenuous job. The Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI) of the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of JTS, an AVI CHAI grantee, serves to provide support and professional development for new and aspiring Heads. In this blog

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Sep 052014

This interview is a continuation of a series featuring leaders who participated in AVI CHAI-sponsored professional development opportunities this summer. In this interview, Harry Pell discusses the Jewish mission of the Solomon Schechter School of Westchester, where he serves as Associate Head of School for Jewish Life and Learning. You may also view a video

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Jul 312013

By: Leah Nadich Meir We’ve all heard it before (and maybe have said it to ourselves): “Teachers have it great. They work until 3 PM for ten months a year and then get to hang out on the beach all summer!” That may be true of some teachers, but I saw a very different picture

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Training Future Jewish Leaders

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Apr 242013

This article is cross-posted from the eJewish Philanthropy Blog. This article is part of a series on day schools focusing on new ideas emerging from the day school field with relevance for Jewish professionals in Jewish education and beyond. The post contributes to the conversation on the topic of Leadership. What are the challenges for

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A Summer of Learning – “Days of Awe” two months early

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Sep 062011

By: Michael Berger As a program officer at The AVI CHAI Foundation specializing in leadership programming, I always look forward to the summers. From late June to late July, I shuttle between three programs that AVI CHAI has been privileged to support for several years: RAVSAK’s Project SuLaM; JTS’s Davidson School’s Day School Leadership Training

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