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Sep 162019

The school year is now in full swing! Here we present you an alphabetical list with a range of resources from AVI CHAI grantees that Jewish educators, leaders, and your day school as a whole could benefit from. We hope you find them useful and inspirational. Check out educators’ videos from Ayeka, dedicated to helping

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Apr 262018

A profile of Rabbi Marc Baker, Head of School at Gann Academy, and incoming President of Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP). In the study of leadership, a debate has long raged whether leaders are born or made.  That argument is likely never going to be resolved, but two traits are commonly found in the most successful

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Aug 182015

Who are the leaders ensuring the Jewish education of our children in day schools across the country? This series features selected school leaders – including those from Community, Orthodox and Schechter schools from across the US and Canada. We asked them about their personal day school leadership and their goals for their schools. The interviews

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What’s in it for Me? Selfishness in Philanthropy

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Jan 292015

“There was a wealthy philanthropist who added an extension to a synagogue. It was elegant, functional, beautiful. The philanthropist only had one request before he transferred title to the synagogue. He wanted his name inscribed over the entrance as an everlasting memory. As you might expect, some congregants objected, and the dispute eventually came to

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Nov 262014

Everyone knows that the American calendar dedicates a time explicitly for gratitude: Thanksgiving. But did you know that the practice of thankfulness is also embedded in the Jewish tradition? With the approach of the Thanksgiving holiday, it seems fitting to investigate these roots further. Dr. David Pelcovitz, Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Chair in Jewish Education

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Aug 262014

This post is cross-posted from eJewishPhilanthropy. By Sarah Blattner and Miriam Brosseau There is something sacred about the start of the school year. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the crisp new notebooks eagerly awaiting the next brilliant idea? But more than the new school supplies, it’s a rare opportunity to

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How Do You Own Your Story?

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Jun 202013

Jews today choose Judaism and therefore need to both know and own the Jewish narrative in order to develop a meaningful connection to Jewish life. In his passionate and personal ELI Talk, Richard Joel, President of Yeshiva University, outlines the importance of not relying on transmission by osmosis, but for Jews to both know and

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What’s in an ELI talk?: Recipe from a Talker

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May 082012
What's in an ELI talk?: Recipe from a Talker

This Monday, May 14, we will hold the first New York ELI talks (see event details here). But what’s in an ELI talk? ELI talks: Inspired Jewish Ideas are 10-15 minute talks in which commitments to Jewish literacy, Jewish religious engagement, Jewish peoplehood, and love of Israel are central. ELI talks hope to illuminate these

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Heard Around NAJDS: Today's Inspired Jewish Ideas

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Jan 162012

By: Deborah Fishman I’m here at the North American Jewish Day School Conference, where shared experiences and new ideas are flying amidst over 600 participants. Here are just a few of those ideas I picked up today: in sessions, in the hallways, and of course from the inspired Jewish ideas at the ELI talks: Give

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