Jul 282014
Cutting-Edge Consumer Marketing Meets the Middle-Income Tuition Crisis Challenge

This post was cross posted on eJewishPhilanthropy  By Dr. Harry Bloom and Daniel Perla  Is your Jewish day school contemplating middle-income programming? Based on our review of middle-income programs currently in the field, our advice is to design a plan that: Promotes new and retained enrollment Encourages nearly universal submission by middle-income families of household

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Nov 252013

By: Dan Perla I first began to write about middle income tuition programs two years ago. In my first article on the subject, I wrote about nascent efforts in communities such as Boston, LA, Montreal and MetroWest, New Jersey. Shortly thereafter, I profiled Solomon Schechter of Greater Boston’s middle income program, iCap, a program which

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Jul 172013

This article is cross-posted from the eJewish Philanthropy Blog. This article is part of a series focusing on new ideas emerging from the day school field with relevance for Jewish professionals in Jewish education and beyond. The post contributes to the conversation on the topic of Sustainability. by Arnold Zar-Kessler In his PEJE white paper

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Putting A Cap On Day School Tuitions

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Jun 172013

This article is cross-posted from The Jewish Week. by Daniel Perla In the nearly two years that I have worked in the field of Jewish day school finance, no topic has generated more emotion or been the subject of more debate than the issue of Jewish day school affordability. Rabbi Aryeh Klapper’s 2012 article on

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May 102012

By: Dan Perla The Solomon Schechter Day School (SSDS) of Greater Boston observed an interesting financial anomaly among the 28 families sending three children to the school (there were no families with more than three children): only one was middle class. By middle class, the school meant families with adjusted gross incomes (AGI) of $200,000-$400,000.

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Dec 152011

By: Dan Perla If you ask a large group of parents whose children attend a Jewish day school to name the most pressing school issue on their mind, they will almost certainly utter the same word—AFFORDABILITY. Simply put, for a large group of parents, a day school education in the U.S. and Canada has become

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