Sep 192019
Getting to Sustainability: A Case Study of the Jewish New Teacher Project

Cross-posted here on eJewishPhilanthropy. By: Michael S. Berger One of the roles foundations play in American society is that of “venture capitalists” in the social sector. Bold, creative solutions to social and educational challenges almost always need funding to get started, and many foundations are available to provide the early capital. However, most foundations do

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Jun 132019

Personalized learning seeks to increase student enthusiasm and learning by tailoring the instructional environment – what, when, how and where students learn – to address the individual needs, skills and interests of each student. We are proud that the Jewish day school field is making strides in the use of personalized learning to encourage students

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Dec 152017

Since Chanukah is the Festival of Lights, we wanted to shine a light on some bright spots we are seeing in the Jewish day school field. It is our hope that each day of Chanukah will grow even brighter as you learn about these bright spots and consider your work in a new light. Shine

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Dec 162013

The AVI CHAI Foundation is committed to Jewish day schools as a vehicle to foster vibrant Jewish engagement in the next generation. To achieve this vision, it is not enough for day schools to simply exist: they need to be excellent, providing a first-rate education in both general and Judaic studies.

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A Frontier too Vast to Journey Alone

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Apr 292011

A Frontier too Vast to Journey Alone -Susan Kardos It’s really a simple—and I believe an indisputable—proposition:  the Jewish education enterprise is complex and intense, and true and lasting successes in the enterprise require the combined efforts of those engaged in it. The truth is our field is filled with skilled and committed professionals housed

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