Pedagogy of Partnership

Jul 182019
Pedagogy of Partnership at Hadar’s Day School Educators Institute

Pedagogy of Partnership (PoP) is an innovative research-based pedagogy for the design of relationship-centered education. Founders Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook have used educational research and their extensive experience to develop a pedagogical approach with concrete tools to improve learners’ communication and interpretive skills. The pedagogy teaches skills around havruta, or partnered text study,

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Nov 292018

By: Leah Nadich Meir What are your Hanukkah lighting preferences?  Beeswax candles? Blue and white? Multicolor? Or do you go with olive oil in glass containers? Regardless of your aesthetic preference, you always start off with one candle, lit by one Shamash. Then you add a candle (or olive oil container) each night, again lit

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May 072018
How Would You Advertise G-d?

The assignment was simple: working in pairs, take a widely circulated ad and instead of using it to sell (fill in the blank with any material good), adapt the ad to create an ad for G-d. The results were powerful: Only after we shared our adaptations did we introduce ourselves: including a description of one

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