May 312018

As a foundation supporting Jewish day schools and overnight camps, AVI CHAI has always been eager to see the maximum number of participants enroll in our various professional development programs. “Filling the cohort” would obviously benefit a large number of institutions, thus increasing the impact of our philanthropy among Jewish youth. But cohort-based learning is

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Providing Opportunities to Speak in Hebrew

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Mar 282017
Providing Opportunities to Speak in Hebrew

Cross-posted from Jeducation World By Hadas Heyman How do I provide more opportunities for my students to speak Hebrew inside and outside the classroom? As a Hebrew language teacher, I’ve always asked myself this question over and over again. My students spend a short amount of time in my class every day, and this time

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Trends in Judaism Impact iTALAM Thinking

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Apr 072014

By: Deborah Fishman The iTaL AM Think Tank was designed to explore important issues necessary to consider in developing a digital Hebrew and Heritage curriculum.  One such topic was: “Trends in Judaism in the 21st Century and Their Implications for Jewish Education.” A panel was facilitated by Yossi Prager, AVI CHAI’s Executive Director – North

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From the TABLETS to Tablets: iTaLAM Think Tank

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Mar 122014

TaL AM, the widely used curriculum integrating and aligning Hebrew Language Arts with Judaic Studies, has touched the lives of more than 30,000 students each year in almost 400 schools around the world. Now TaL AM, in partnership with Compedia, is embarking on a new journey to develop iTaLAM, a digital Hebrew and Jewish Heritage

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Dec 162013

The AVI CHAI Foundation is committed to Jewish day schools as a vehicle to foster vibrant Jewish engagement in the next generation. To achieve this vision, it is not enough for day schools to simply exist: they need to be excellent, providing a first-rate education in both general and Judaic studies.

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Weaving on Facebook: The Launch of LeV TaL AM

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Oct 232013

This post continues the conversation about lessons learned from HaReshet, the recently concluded pilot program to train selected grantees in network-weaving. This post is by one participant, Lisa Micley of TaL AM Hebrew and Heritage Curriculum, coached during the program by chevruta partner Lisa Colton. She shares here her perspective and experiences through her network-weaving work.   By: Lisa Micley As a

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Mar 292012

This piece is cross-posted here on eJewishPhilanthropy.com. by Yossi Prager Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill once said, “All politics is local.” Should philanthropy be the same? AVI CHAI’s spend-down goals include building funding partnerships with others whose values and interests align with ours. I have therefore had the privilege of meeting with and learning

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