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“What’s in a Name?”: A TED Talk By Any Other Name Would Be As Inspiring

Posted by: Susan Kardos

November 21, 2011

Well…unless it was called a “JED Talk.”  Let us explain.
At AVI CHAI, we are interested in fostering a global discourse in which commitments to Jewish literacy, Jewish religious engagement, Jewish Peoplehood, and love of Israel are central.  We think that one way to do this is through video talks that can be shared widely and used in multiple settings and for various purposes.  So we came up with the very clever idea of calling them “JED Talks: Inspired Jewish Ideas.”  We though JED would conjure the notions of “Jewish” and “Education” and ride the audial coattails of the very popular and wonderful TED Talks.  Much to our shock and awe, when we Googled “JED Talks,” we found the name was taken…and with the unfortunate tagline: “Ideas not worth spreading.”  Bummer.
So we went back to the drawing board.  We tried a myriad of acronyms, puns, and wordplays.  We came up empty.  This is where you come in.  In addition to our own limited creativity, we realized that these talks will live in the public domain, so we want to involve you, the public, in helping to name them.
Here’s the goal: To use a TED Talk-like format to illuminate the ideals and commitments we share  – Jewish literacy, Jewish religious engagement, Jewish Peoplehood, and love of Israel –  to adopt or debate a common language to express them, and to celebrate and replicate expressions or enactments of these commitments.
Like TED Talks, we hope the speakers who share their “inspired Jewish ideas” teach something new and, perhaps, counterintuitive.  The talks will not just restate the same old problems we all know need to be solved, and the talks will not just say what’s already been said, albeit more elegantly, humorously, or high tech.  These talks will be grounded in real data or in real personal or professional experiences and will highlight new ways of thinking about problems and possible solutions.
So we need you!  Do you have an idea for what we should name these talks?  Please submit your ideas here (or below) and be sure to include your name (and email address) – we will post the winning name here on the AVI CHAI blog.  In addition to that recognition, you will win an ipod!
The contest closes for good at 11:59pm, Monday, December 5th.  Be sure to check back to see the winning name. Follow the contest on our twitter with hashtag #Name4Talks and look-out for updates on our facebook page.  Please note, if we get multiple entries for a winning name, the prize will go to the earliest submission.
Good Luck, and thanks in advance for your great ideas.
Click here to view some of the names submitted (in the comment section below).

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