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Heard Around NAJDS: More Inspired Ideas

Posted by: Deborah Fishman

January 24, 2012

By: Deborah Fishman
Are you looking for inspiration, but were unable to make it to NAJDS? Or perhaps you’ve returned home from NAJDS and are already missing the energy and excitement that pervaded the conference? Here are some “inspired Jewish ideas” heard from educators at NAJDS.
Seth Cohen’s Inspired Jewish Idea
Director of Network Initiatives, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

The Jewish people — one of the oldest networks in the world — can use networks to connect, to create, and to effect the change we want to see in the world. When schools start to turn themselves inside out, some revolutionary things start to happen…

Dr. Bruce Powell
Head of School, New Community Jewish High School, West Hills, CA

The BirthRate Project: What would happen if we let the 3rd or 4th child go free or half price to day schools? What impact would that have on the Jewish birth rate?

Dr. Susie Tanchel 
Head of School, Boston’s Jewish Community Day School
Teacher leadership is about heads of schools collaborating with teachers to enable them to be leaders while still in the classroom.

Dr. Steven Lorch
Head of School, Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan
Solve the growing divide between the Orthodox and non-Orthodox world — beginning with “fence-sitters,” boundary-crossers between the two domains.

Dr. Howard Ruben
Head of School, Jewish Community High School of the Bay, San Francisco
Recognize that each student is unique, is on a path with a destiny and an opportunity that we can help them manifest. If we inspire a love for lifelong learning, it will be part of their path for the rest of their lives.

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