Going to ISTE 2016?

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The 2016 ISTE Conference will take place June 26-29 in Denver, Colorado. The premier education technology conference, ISTE will bring together 16,000 educators and 500 companies and feature 1,000 sessions.

Are you going to ISTE? The below cross-post from Tzvi Pittinsky’s blog Tech Rav highlights a helpful resource, “Guide to ISTE 2016: A Key to Unlocking the Conference!” This guide provides information about what to expect, how to plan your time, and people and sessions that may be of interest.

This year, AVI CHAI is sponsoring free Kosher meals – breakfasts, lunches and dinners – at the convention center where the conference is being held.

Guide to the ISTE 2016 Conference: A Key to Unlocking the Conference!
By: Tzvi Pittinsky

Will you be attending the ISTE 2016 Conference next week in Denver, Colorado? Or perhaps, you will be #NOTATISTE this year, following the conference virtually from home.

Either way, I hope you will find the Guide to ISTE 2016 below to be helpful. It is based on a guide originally created by Caren Levine, a long-time ISTE veteran and the creator of the Jewish Educators’ Network Birds of a Feather at ISTE. I first used an earlier version of this guide in 2011 when I was a member of The AVI CHAI Foundation‘s ISTE cohort and found it to be indispensable. I have updated this doc together my colleague at The Frisch School who attended the last two ISTE conferences with me, Sabrina Bernath. Please share this Google Doc with others. I have shared it so that others can comment and then I can incorporate these comments into the living document.

In addition to the ISTE guide, for the third year in a row, I will be crowdsourcing notes for ISTE. This will benefit those attending the conference virtually as well as those who will be there in person but cannot possible attend every worthwhile session since many are given simultaneously. You can read about previous crowdsourced notes which I did in collaboration with Sue Waters, from #ISTE2014 here and here and from #ISTE2015 here and here.

Please click on the following link to open the Google spreadsheet with this year’s crowdsourced notes: http://tinyurl.com/crowdsourcingiste16. The idea is simple. Anyone in the world can edit this spreadsheet with their name, session title, and a link to their notes or blog post about this session. I welcome your additions to help benefit all through the wonder of crowdsourcing.

Stay tuned for more posts from ISTE next week!