Dec 182017
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Since Chanukah is the Festival of Lights, we wanted to shine a light on some bright spots we are seeing in the Jewish day school field. It is our hope that each day of Chanukah will grow even brighter as you learn about these bright spots and consider your work in a new light.

Shine a Light on: Bringing Personalized Learning into the Classroom

Personalized learning seeks to accelerate student learning and enthusiasm by tailoring the instructional environment – what, when, how and where students learn – to address the individual needs, skills and interests of each student. Students are encouraged and supported to take ownership of their own learning, while also developing deep connections with one another, their teachers and other adults. The use of technology alongside face-to-face instruction, otherwise known as blended learning, is a powerful tool for personalized learning. AVI CHAI has been investing in developing personalized learning in Jewish day schools.

Inside The Moriah School

As one example of personalized learning in a day school context, watch this video about The Moriah School in Englewood, NJ and its participation in the BOLD Day Schools program.


Learn more about The Moriah School here.