It’s Almost Pesach: Ideas for School Educators, Leaders and Parents

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Are you searching for ideas for Passover lesson plans, seder plans, project ideas or articles? Here is a curated collection of resources that you might find interesting to peruse to augment your Passover learning and experience: at school, at home, and wherever you will be celebrating the holiday. Wishing you a Chag Kasher v’Sameach!

Pesach Resources from the Lookstein Center

Here you will find instructional materials, haggadot, articles, and multimedia resources created by Lookstein Center staff or contributed to the site by Jewish educators.

This platform allows you to create-your-own Hagaddah using a free database of user-generated readings, artwork and video clips.

YouTube Clips and Movies

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s School Twinning Program brings us a variety of Passover-themed clips geared to enrich school twinning joint activities, also applicable to others looking to creatively enliven the Passover story.

Reflections of a Parent-Educator and Amateur Egyptologist on Seder Night
By: Yossi Prager

Yossi Prager, Executive Director – North America for The AVI CHAI Foundation, shares some innovations his family uses to make the Passover seder an experience that transports participants back to the very first seder.