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A Maccabee Moment at RASG Hebrew Academy

Posted by: Deborah Fishman

December 6, 2018

Working in a Jewish day school, you are surrounded by modern-day Maccabees whose heroic actions lead to miracles — big and small — all the time. During Chanukah, AVI CHAI and Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools are featuring stories from Jewish day schools of “Maccabee moments” when students, teachers, and leaders made a difference to surmount challenges, beat the odds, and valiantly further Jewish values and actions in our community. Together we will read them and say “Nes Gadol Haya PO!” Chag Urim Sameach!
A Maccabee Moment at Rabbi Alexander S. Gross Hebrew Academy in Miami, Florida
As our entire High School was gearing up in excitement to go to New York for our annual school-wide retreat, administrators had requested a final list of students who had not registered yet. We were surprised to see the name of one of our 9th-grade students and decided to approach her about why she did not register. It seemed odd because the entire 9th-grade class had already registered. When we discovered her reasoning it warmed my heart. The student did not make a fuss about it, but she had made up her mind.
One of her classmates is in the process of applying for US citizenship, and she had known about this and suspected that her friend would not be able to fly up to New York. When asked why she was not joining the rest of the school, her swift response left us very proud. “I decided that I will not join the school, and I will stay with my friend who will be staying back.” When asked more about this she said, “I would not want to be in her position, being one of the only students not joining, and I decided to be a good friend and stay back with her, so at the least, she would know, I too, missed the school trip.” As an educator, when we see self-sacrifice and true friendship like this, it warms our hearts and puts a smile on our faces to know that our students embody the traits of our heroic Maccabees.
Submitted by Rabbi Aharon Assaraf, Assistant Principal, Hebrew Academy High School (RASG).

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